alvaro moreno


Alvaro Moreno is a photographer born in 1984 in Cordoba (Spain), which since his adolescence starts his first steps on video world. He studies the grade on Audiovisual Communication in the University of Navarre (2002-2006), enhanced with the specialization on lighting and audiovisual technology.

Later he becomes a professor at such university, while he begins his career on press photography, working for several digital media. After a short stay on television, as a scriptwriter on a documentary program in Canal Sur TV, he decides to move on Madrid to have a full time career on photography.

The acquired experience in college, in filmmaking and television makes Alvaro Moreno a more complete artist. His fashion images are charged of strength and sensuality, creating atmospheres where models are role playing as characters, thanks to sensibility and photographer directions.

His full work is a tribute to beauty and elegance, inspired by film and art. The passion for getting the perfect photo, mixed with his technique on lighting and post-processing, is what defines Alvaro Moreno´s signature.